Thursday, September 14, 2017

Brand New Music Video From Skaz One

Skaz One tries his hand at comedy rap in this new hit song, My Fidget Spinner Matches My Jordan's.

IG: @skaz1official

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Skaz One beefs with New York's DJ Ice Man

The beef between these two has been building to a fever pitch over the last week with articles coming out on all kinds of music blogs about how much these two hate each other.  One can only speculate as to whether claims being made by either artist are true or just hate fueled lies, but it has made an interesting story.

DJ Ice Man claims Skaz One came at him with racist remarks after Skaz One was offered a full refund of Ice Man's services.  Ice Man;s blog post makes him seem innocent and Skaz One seem as a racist tyrant.

DJ Ice Man however is a known credit card scammer and industry scammer.

Skaz One and This Is 50 dot com released this response: