Friday, June 17, 2011

Skaz One & Mantis On The Radio

SKAZ ONE & MANTIS RADIO APPEARANCE : On Ustream @Amazing-Zoo-Crew.  Skaz One and Mantis went on The Amazing Zoo Crew Radio Show in Oakand on June 16th 2011.  This is the Ustream of the complete Radio Show, there is parts where we havent showed up yet in the beginning and also there is a fair amount of us sitting around listening to homeboy do his DJ thing, but in the middle there is an interview with us and the do an exclusive preview of some Skaz One and Mantis tracks never before heard on the radio.  To download the audio of the radio episode go to and to find the featured tracks go to or  SUPPORT THE UNDERGROUND HIP HOP MOVEMENT HERE AND EVERYWHERE!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


The new Skaz One T-Shirts (made by Nick Meyers at Creamy Designs in Los Angeles) are now available along with plenty of other merchandise at, Including both Skaz One and Mantis first solo CDs and assorted posters and stickers. Also coming soon we will have DCK Records Shirts and Hats on sale online.