Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Skaz One - Generation RX

The next album from Sanfrancisco emcee, Skaz One is scheduled to Drop March sixth of next year.  The album is being produced fully by The Blacksmiths, a local SF production team made up of Telli Prego and Okeefe.  They recently produced the 24/7 album for Cleveland rapper, Shoboat.  I also have two guest producer spots from Mantis and Gennesse as well as a preview of my upcoming single with Mistah Fab on this album.  The album is planned to feature Celph Titled, Prince Po, Sunspot Jonze, Equipto, Mistah Fab, Telli Prego, OBM, Mantis, Shoboat, Oh Blimey and more to be determined.  The album is currently about half way done and we just did the photoshoot the other day with Gina Rodriguez at Gin One Designs.  More info will be available as more is known about the progress of the project. Peace!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Check out the debut album from my boy Capo Corleone of Hawal Incorporated.  You may remember him from my second solo album on the track "On A G5" produced by Gennessee and featuring Capo's fellow label member CuddieRock or from my Record Release Party and The Boom Boom Room last summer.  As far as Capo's new album, I am on track eleven on the song called "Sucka Free."  I also really dig the track "Monster", which can also be found on youtube right now.  To preview and pre-order this album go to http://capocorleone.bandcamp.com/.  Its definitely worth your time and your money.  Support you local artists!!!