Thursday, August 31, 2023

Last Ones Left (Teaser Video)

New animated music video coming soon from Skaz One and Yung Aug as a part of the roll out of their EP, Live Ur FUC'n Life. The video was created by Metavoxelz and is in association with The Feathered Underdogs NFT project by Stickerfarmer. Located in the Bay Area, CA this new EP is highly anticipated and this video is one of the most unique music videos to ever come out of California.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Skaz One x Yung Aug - Thinking Back (AI Art Music Video)

New single from Skaz One & Yung Aug, from their upcoming EP, Live Ur FUC'n Life. It is also a multichain NFT, which will give holders access to special airdrops and merch drops as well as live shows. The NFT is available on Opensea (MATIC) and Paras (NEAR). Links below: 

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Thursday, July 28, 2022

Skaz One & Yung Aug EP Coming Soon!!! (featuring art from FUC NFT project)


Skaz One has teamed up with Yung Aug and Stickerfarmer to bring you LIVE UR FUC'N LIFE! Its a five song EP featuring cover art by Skaz One that uses NFT's from the Feathered Underdogs NFT project. This is one of the first ever underground hiphop releases to use NFTs in their project's cover art!!! The EP will be being released soon, so come back for updates!!!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Skaz One NFTs Coming Soon!!!

 The wait is almost over. After a year of research and work we are almost ready. Me and Mobbin Most Hated (@MobbinMostHated2) are teaming up to release a multi-tiered NFT project. A project that will include a new single, new video, some NSFW pics of models, exclusive merchandise drops and a lot more! 

NFT holders will also have free VIP access to Skaz One Capital (Private Club) in the Cryptovoxels Metaverse. These are the music venues of the future! 

Stay tuned...